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Welcome to GEMSS links – a Small but Global consortium… Monday, 29 January 2007

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Hello all – We christened GEMSS long ago, the Thermal (THERMIC) camera is in progress, the AOA system is almost done, and the little Geiger-Meuller Tube Kitt’s now done – but we had some working, hobby and fun links, so allow me to keep them usefully here:



Nest*Amzn*Manual* Qck*more*Netgr-pg *Adm*Genie *Theatre*PrtlCtrl

MyTopo CNavjo* Google FLGTopo*Lat-Long-ElevFindr*VFRMap*GiuliaForum

WiFiSanThumb *Opel Blog* OpelPicsHere * OpelPhotobukt *FSM 1ststartvid



WPS.Dnld& Man; Gadwin* HyperMath*HyprPhysics; BRU*AVC*Garmin Express

WindFndr* WxPilot*FLG-Wx*SEZ-Wx*Amazn*Audble *StuWx*HmWx*BoWx Page


WxAudo*AZ511*Translatr*&*Craig*Twm*Nko*GgrM*2*3;Garmin:Cnct &;Fly

EditWxPP*DTS*Sldcda*MagCalc*PriCareDr*Derm*Rx,Eml*DrJB*TriWst;Gpx & &




UnitCnvrt*Extrsolr* AtroClk*GRTUp*Wlvs*Map*Eby;Java;AdElts;Pmpdf;AcRdr



GrtMini: Genl*News*Update sw*ADSB*AOA*Manuals::EAA-Vid&EAA&Chkmate

IO520 & & & & & & &S35POH&Shop*E35Anual*AC43.2b &1b&AMT .25Gel &L/l

Mini:eHUD & & *t200 & & & & & & &*App*Supt*XGps170*170 NapTwn Balloon

Bo:Genl*Anual Waco:Genl*Elev Jckscw*LBrk*UBrk*Mcyl*Misc*Hx*PitchDk*Bow

Shootm F18Lo Lo N D/N Ball14 &2015 &2013 SeaLegs PitchPBS1&2 45 18Cmp

EA18 VF102 &Hx Fun14E2:1 2 3 Ntrap VAWD2 3 4 MakeTopGn F14 N F35;VHS

Wh3600.WinTun.Lks & & & & & SW & & & & & & & & F1 Spg;Jva;iTun;KUAC;430

CraigHixChan &CelebNameGame &WoodModelRadial & 08AASJob &GovtFlyVids

NanocoreDocs& YoutubUpld& YoutubMgr& JoeFossCivics &ADSB-Wypts&KML

iCloudemlVuduKlik/Marshall-Everest-Burnt *VuduPS/Sniper+11 & MyVU

Fox/Martian (iTunes;& Marshall-Everest) * Paramount/Interstellar *LxA20Cap

Universal redeem (Everest-Marshall) *UV Invite & Blog * FamilyBase *T45pic

Lancair Lgacy:POH Docs Wiki vids Pnl & FSX TngMan  Ownrs Yutube & & FAw

    … the Best Part of Flying, “Call the Ball”:




GRAND CANYON Info (Basic Info) :

Wx: NOAA Main Wx . WxFindr . Webcam . NOAARadios 162.475 Live Audio . NWS . KGCN Wx AWOS:928-638-0672 ATIs 124.3  Twr 119.0 gnd 121.9 VOR 113.1 ILS 108.9 Airnav . GlobalAir . WunderGnd Avn . Wunderground . Wundermap . Wundermap Genl . Nexrad . NOAA RegionRadarNGEO . NWS-Brt-Angel-Climato . Bright Angel Trail Wx. Local Bright Angel Wx . Genl Weather planning info . HitTrail Weather general info . Dark Skies . Lightning

Hike and Touring Info: NPS Main . NPS Planning VisitMaps! . NPS Trail Maps . Short B-A Trail run . NPS Bright Angel Trail map . AZRaft Bright Angel Planning . Wiki Bright Angel . B-A Trail TripAdvsr . B-A Trailhead . B-A Trail History . HikeAZ B-A Trail infoBackpacker B-A Trail info . HitTrail-Photos B-A . B-A Trail Strenuous Info . B-A Trail DescriptionB-A Topo ManyB-A Topo 1 . B-A Topo 2 . B-A Topo 3 . B-A Topo 4 . B-A Topo 5+photos . BA Topo6 Pickatrail – NPS Guide pdf . NPS Newspaper . Hiking . Hike Smart . Summer Hike . Hike FAQSouthRim Driving . Backpacking Vid . Closures. Park Openings and Roads: 928-638-7496 .  Bright Angel Trail Flyer . Train . Canyon.com . Lodging . Yahoo.map . Pets . Dogs on S Rim . Bright Angel Campgnd . Hit Trail Brt Angel Campgrnd . Hit Trail Permits info . NPS Permits . NPS Corridor . El Tovar Hotel & Phantom Ranch Res . Xanterra Phantom Ranch Res Forms . Phantom Ranch Info NPSRim2Rim Hike on Bright Angel & North Kaibab – Phantom Ranch Photos . WaterSources . NPS Laws & Firearms . Parks & Firearms . Air-Mule-Raft-Jeep-Horse-Van-Skwark Res-Tours . Amateur Radio in Canyon . Hike Trip Report . NPS & Other Radio . Hopi Pt Repeater & Other Freqs 147.32+100PL . Repeaters 2/440 Canyon . Misc N AZ Scanner Freqs near Canyon . Bill Wms Rptr Hub . More Amateur Rptrs . 902 Rptr Hub Live – UK Satellite Photos – Pickatrail Canyon Topos- many . Interactive Canyon Topo Map

Supai & Havasu Falls West Canyon Info (Wx + Hike/Fly):

Airwest Helos . Mark Haughey’s Page . Waterfalls . Havasupai Tribe . AllTrails . Canyon helos . Yelp reviews . Havasu Falls Explorer . NPS . Supai PDF Roadmap . HitTheTrails . Weather: Weather.com . NWS . Wunderground . Weather4U . Wundergnd Supai Station

Related N.AZ Hikes: NW of Canyon – Jackass Canyon . Jackass Canyon Topo1 Topo2Topo3 Topo4 – Grand Canyoneering Guide . Marble Canyon Airport Soap Creek Canyon & RvrSoap Creek Canyon HikeAZSoap & Marble Canyons-Todd –  BLM Soap Crk to MarbleTrails.com Soap CreekSoap Creek Topo Map1 Topo2 Topo3Topo4 – SoapCreek DesertUSA Marble Canyon ( N.Gnd.)Marble Canyon Wiki – Verde Area: Fossil Creek Springs/FallsFossil Creek YelpHikeAZ Fossil Creek TLFossil Creek Trail USFSFossil Creek Trail USFS MapFossil Creek Area TopoPine & Strawberry Topo Maps – General Pickatrail Search Topo’s – General TopoQuest Map Search

Canyon Overnight:

How far in advance can reservations be made?

  • For Phantom Ranch, reservations are accepted for stays up to 13 months in advance. On the first of each month, they begin accepting reservations for the entire month of the following year. For example, on September 1, 2007, reservations through September 30, 2008 are accepted.
  • For Bright Angel Campground, reservations for permits are taken for four months PRIOR to the month you are trying to reserve. For more information and a calendar guide, visit the Permits page.
  • Both Phantom Ranch and Bright Angel Campground are extremely popular, making it very difficult to get reservations. Neither accommodation accepts real-time online reservations.

How do I go about making a reservation?

  • Phantom Ranch reservations are best attained by calling their main office at 888-29PARKS (888-297-2757). Xanterra, the concession that runs Phantom Ranch, does have an online form available on their website, but be aware that this is only a request for a reservation and it could take days to hear back from them—and very likely with a message that you didn’t get the reservation.
  • Bright Angel Campground reservations require a permit that is acquired through the Backcountry Office. Permits requests can be attained in person, via snail mail, or fax. Visit the Permits page for complete information.


MOUNT HUMPHREYS PEAK (San Francisco Peaks) Info:

Wx: MAT907 WundergndStaSnowbowl Resort WxNEXRAD Radar PeaksClearskies (just N of Peaks)Wundergnd Map Peaks n RadarFlagstaff Atro Wx Snowbowl WebcamPeaks CamHumphreys/Flag/Canyon CamLinksNWS Peaks Cam –  Camvista Peaks

Hike and Touring Info: Humphreys Trl 51 USFS . Meetup- Trail DescriptionTrimbleMap-Guide Humphreys 1Humphreys Info 2Humphreys Info 3Humphreys Info 4Humphreys Info 5Humphreys 6Humphreys 7 – Humphreys 8Humphreys 9 – Humphreys 10 – Humphreys 11 – Humphreys 12 Todd’s Hiking HPWiki SF Peaks . Wiki Humphreys Pk Big Pic View of Peaks – Geology of Peaks – Snowbowl HikingCoconino Nat Forest – Humphreys Trail TOPO Topo and Elevation Maps Humphreys –  SF Peaks & Flagstaff Topo  Humpreys Google Topo –  Trail TopoHumphreys Maps & TL –  Humphreys Trail.com Topo –  Coconino Forest MapHires S-CNF Map (SEZ) – Hires CNF N Map (PKs) –  Topo Maps of Trails HPPDA maps – Init Attack Fire Maps SF Pks – Interactive AZ MapYoutube – Humphreys Summit+B24 –  Snowbowl Ski MapSnowbowl GPS Maps –  Ring of Fire Humphreys PkFUTS MapHumphreys Trail Photos – Snowbowl ChairliftSnowbowl Info – USFS Trails GenlUSFS FAQUSFS Alerts – Forest OrdersUSFS Permits Traillink FLG trails FLG FUTS Trail Maps – Upload GPS Trail Route – Misc Hires Topo Maps – Trail GPX Files GPSPhoto 3D trace of Trail

Peaks Aircraft Crashes, Ghost Fields/Towns:

B-24: Youtube – Humphreys Summit+B24 – Lost Flight – Lost Flight 2 – HikeAZWayMarkYoutube MemB-24 Pics TlDef CarryWar RelicsExperienceAZExpAZ StoryMtn Geek – GeocacheTrimble Hike Path MapAlt HikeAZ Route

B-17: Acft ArcheologyAero Archeology – Aero Arch 2 – Gen Disaster Lost Flight –

Genl/Other/Airfields/Ghost-towns: Lost Flights AZDaily GhostsGnd Canyon Crash MemorialCanyon Crash Canyon Crash 2 Grand Canyon Crash 3 Grand Canyon Crash 4Grand Canyon Crash 5 –  Grand Canyon Lost Flights + MapAbandoned Airfields North AZGhost-towns & Airfields. Koch Field (Former E Flagstaff) – See Koch (under Flagstaff) HereGoogle Satellite KochKoch NAU Archives & HERE tooAZ Memory: Koch – AZ WW2 Army Airfields


Woody Mountain (S of NOFS): Hike Also & & & & & & &  Camp-sandwich & Topo & & & Hunt &SW ; Roads (FR231) AreaForest ; Volunteer Mtn &




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